Thursday, December 10

The Best Time of The Year

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are definitely my favorite out of the year. I love seeing all the wreaths, lights, and bows, hearing the Christmas music, and bundling up in sweaters and plaid scarfs. I have also always wanted to visit a Christmas tree farm during the holidays, but never had the chance to go, until this year....and there was the extra added bonus of getting to shoot a family session there! It was so much fun getting to capture these moments especially since this family is also part of my family and some of my closest friends. This has to be one of my favorite session to date! 

Wednesday, December 9

Sergei + Heather + Baby Nikolas

This session started out with a few bumps in the road and us ending up at different parks! I was starting to get worried that the photos would not happen that evening. But we finally met up in the correct park with a perfect woodsy setting and wonderful evening light! Little Nikolas was very camera shy at first, but a bag of candy saved the day! His parents probably had to deal with a kid on a crazy sugar high after the shoot, but all his smiles and gorgeous eyes were definitely worth it!

Friday, December 4

Recipe: Chia Pudding

I first tried and instantly fell in love with chia pudding at La Pain Quotidien when we were living in California. I have since tried to replicate it at home, but it never tasted quite right and so I gave up.  This week I was craving a pudding/panna cotta dessert, but while looking through recipes and seeing the large amounts of heavy cream and whole milk I just couldn't bring myself to make it and so decided to give chia pudding one more try. This recipe was exactly what I was looking for, it's so  delicious and a much healthier alternative to regular puddings! It's also the easiest dessert you will ever make!