Monday, February 25

Recipe: Lemon Souffle

I've always had a weakness for lemony desserts. Lemons bars, tarts, poppy seed muffins, love them all! But that delicious tart, lemon flavor is even more perfect when paired with the soft, airy texture of a souffle. I also  love that there are no complicated ingredients and they bake in just 15 minutes! Recipe here
I ate more of these in one day than I care to admit! 

Friday, February 15

Pizzelle Ice Cream Sandwiches

this is not really a recipe post, but an easy, quick way to assemble a delicious dessert. 
i love love love pizzelle cookies and usually just eat them plain or with a glass of milk. i decided to try them out on ice cream sandwiches and not only did they turn out delicious, but were also so so pretty! 

Wednesday, February 6

Recipe: Popovers

my first attempt at popovers
looking up the recipe, i was surprised by how few ingredients there were and how quick they were to make. although they didn't quite "pop" as much as i would have liked they still had that yummy soft, eggy center and slightly crunchy exterior. perfect with berried or covered in cinnamon and sugar.