Friday, May 22

City Guide: Savannah

This week my husband surprised me with an anniversary trip to Savannah, Georgia.
I was blown away by this gorgeous city. Every street is lined with huge oak trees, the buildings are covered in ivy, and the sound of church bells fills the air.  We didn't have much planned, but just wandered the streets all day stopping at stores and coffee shops along the way. 


Jones Street.
The street is lined with gorgeous historic homes, cobble stones, and oak trees. 

Mirabelle Cafe for breakfast. Absolutely stunning little bed and breakfast. They only serve coffee and waffles, but it sits on a quiet street and those waffles are what dreams are made of. 

One of the most beautiful shops I have ever been in. We walked around adoring their stationary, candles, and home decor for over an hour. It includes a beautiful little coffee/pastry stand inside.


Tuesday, May 12

In the city...

I graduated from a small university in a small town outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. This year, my husband and I had the opportunity to move back to the area. It's amazing to see how much a city can change in a few short years. I have fallen in love with the small streets, local businesses, and overall charm of this city all over again. 

A new adventure...

Ever since I can remember I have loved wide open fields covered by tall grass. Perhaps it comes from the countless summer picnics in the lush Russian countryside during my childhood. Anytime I drive past such a filed my first thoughts are always about how much fun it would be to do a photo shoot there! 
My beautiful sister volunteered for a spontaneous photo session in such a field a couple weeks ago....