Wednesday, August 21

DIY: Succulent Garden

i've wanted to add little succulents to our house for a while now. last week i finally had a free afternoon and decided to give it a try. Things you need: vase (i used pots from anthropologie and mini mason jars), small rocks, soil, succulents. Add a thin layer of rocks to the bottom of the vase, fill half way with soil, arrange succulents, add more soil and you are done!  

Monday, August 19

Recipe: Peach and Creme Fraiche Tart

desserts with peaches are one of my weaknesses. i loved this tart because the peaches are kept fresh, if fact there is no baking involved at all! and it doesn't even feel like eating a dessert, but more like a fresh, healthy breakfast! the crust tastes like a lara bar and the cream with the peaches is to die for! everyone should make this! :)