Thursday, October 9

an indoor garden

i've tried growing plants indoors on a number of occasions. there was an herb garden or two that in just a couple weeks turned into a sad, dried up mess.  i'm embarrassed to say that at one point i couldn't even keep an arrangement of succulents alive...yes, the ones that are supposedly "plants you can't kill." i partially blame it on our previous house where those poor plants never saw natural light, and probably partly on the fact that in fear of them dying i watered them to death. 
a couple months ago we moved across the country and into a new apartment with PLENTY of natural light all day and so i decided to give plants another try. so far so good! my small plant collection is slowly growing out of control and filling all available window sills in the house. a few weeks ago i even got brave enough to acquire one of those gorgeous fiddle leaf fig trees! it's still alive too! (fingers crossed)
~ succulents from a local nursery ~
~ different sized clay pots painted with white paint ~
~ lots of bright light ~
~ here's to hoping they look just as pretty in a month ~

1 comment:

  1. love your painted pots! so simple but it looks great! i'm thinking about buying succulents for the summer and i cant wait.