Wednesday, May 15

Recipe: Overflowing vegetable tart

this tart is a compilation of different recipes with an addition of things that we had at home. how this whole thing started i am not even sure, but we had potatoes, leeks, and zucchini at home and i have been having an ongoing love-affair with goat cheese so i decided to combine everything into one dish. at our house we also eat tomatoes with just about everything and the little colorful heirloom ones were perfect here. 
the finished tart was more delicious than i ever imagined! there is still left over dough in the freezer anxiously waiting to be made into another one of these. :)

Tuesday, May 7

An Outfit...

one / two / three / four

Monday, May 6

Weekend Photos....

this saturday we lazily stayed in bed longer than usual.
we made EVERYTHING for breakfast including biscuits, fruit, soft boiled eggs, tea...
after breakfast we got in the car and drove up into the mountains to get away from the already unbearable "summer" heat. we wanted to try a new hike, but soon began to have doubts as the gps led us on a rather sketchy, dirt road far into the woods. after initial reservations, we finally found the start of a trail that led us five breathtaking, yet very steep miles up the mountain and then another five muscle-aching, but gorgeous miles back. and i am definitely still feeling those ten miles today! 
* we may have also picked up a giant, delicious pizza on the way home to recover with. :)