Monday, July 22

Trip to Europe...Part 3

old town bern, switzerland

i can't believe that is has already been over two weeks since we got back from europe. it all seems like a dream now. (part 1, part 2)

interlaken, switzerland

the most picturesque little town in the alps 

lauterbrunnen, switzerland

the sound of music?

of course every day involved pastries

paragliders in the alps

glacial lake in interlaken, switzerland


  1. These photos look UNREAL!! Amazing!! Now I HAVE to go there :) xoxo

  2. these photos are gorgeous! and your hair! omg I wish mine looked like that.

  3. these are absolutely heavenly photos!! and i love your pink skirt!

  4. Switzerland is on the top of my list of dream vacation. These pictures are gorgeous! ps. I love your pink maxi skirt.

    xx, Jen

  5. Dasha, did you go paragliding?! And wow-look at that lake! And you look so pretty in that maxi. I need to visit Switzerland in the summer for sure! I can't my little parents have gone and I haven't. That's just crazy.