Monday, July 8

Trip to Europe...Part 1

this past june i had an amazing opportunity to travel to europe with my family. i can't even begin to describe this trip! although i have been to europe before this trip really did exceed my expectations. i told my husband that had he been able to come too (medschool ruins everything!) i would have probably not come back! we stumbled upon towns and villages that i thought only existed in disney movies, hiked up to ruins of thousand-year-old castles, walked through vineyards, and ate croissants for every meal!

village of riquewihr in alsace, france

can never get enough of the cobblestone streets!

most adorable boulangerie with the best cafe au lait...kaysersberg, france

my favorite village of all time...kaysersberg, france

our lunch...a baguette fresh from the oven (literally watched it bake!)

riquewihr, france...not real life!


  1. This is unearthly beauty :-)

  2. This is simply gorgeous! :-)

  3. This was amazing sweetie!! Loved every single photo and kept going back! This place looks incredible! xoxo

  4. everything looks so beautiful! I always enjoy your photos! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm making plans with my mother to travel to london at the end of summer and hope we can stop by france. Fingers crossed : )


  5. It sounds like your trip to Europe is going really well so far. I hope the rest of the trip goes just as great!