Thursday, March 28

Currently Loving: Black and White

i've noticed a trend on my pinterest, i never used to love white walls but now i can't get enough of all white rooms with gorgeous, contrasting hard wood floors...

...and black, chalkboard walls. especially love them here against the colorful anthro cups and bowls.

i definitely don't love the place we live in now so i can't wait to move for kevin's residency next year so we can have a new place. i've been dying for a pretty home to decorate!

Tuesday, March 26

Recipe: Veggie Summer Rolls with a Peanut Sauce

i have recently fallen in love with these types of veggie rolls (summer/spring/basil). after enjoying some again this past weekend at a new thai place in pasadena, i decided to give them a try at home.
 getting the veggies prepped was easy enough, but soaking and wrapping the rice paper took a few tries. in the end they were kinda fun to put together! 
 it's a really great way to have a fresh, quick lunch or light dinner. healthy and delicious!

Monday, March 25

Weekend Photos: Spring Break

one of the perks of working as a teacher is getting to enjoy spring break
...and it is a much needed break this year!
this weekend felt like spring everywhere! long flowy dresses, blooming trees, side walks covered in fallen petals and ice cream (orange blossom and honey ice cream, my current obsession). 
unfortunately kevin doesn't have the same perks and will be working all week. so this break will be a slightly lonely one, consisting of spring cleaning, baking, reading, and laying out by the pool. 

Monday, March 18

Weekend Photos....

we had the best saturday hanging out with two of our favorite people
we drove to santa monica for some delicious food and the best lattes ever from urth caffe. it was our first time there and it instantly became a favorite! 
the day reminded us that it is still march as it was far from the summer weather we have been having. we bundled up in jackets and scarves and spent the afternoon walking through the third street promenade shops and watching some very entertaining street performers. 

japanese good!

the wind was not cooperating with our photoshoot. 

best day ever!

Monday, March 11

Weekend Photos: Time for Spring

this weekend it really began to feel like spring here in southern california. 
trees are beginning to bloom and stores are filled with tulips, hydrangeas, and ranunculus.
it was the perfect weekend for sipping lattes outside at one of our favorite spots in laguna beach.
and there was a much needed trip to the best macaron spot, lette! 
last week my husband finished one of his intense hospital rotations which gave us the entire weekend to spend together...a first in over two months, so that makes this weekend the best in a long time!