Tuesday, June 26

Sunday Brunch

I found this delicious recipe here. The combination of potatoes, pesto, goat cheese and egg were divine! This is perfect for a delicious brunch or breakfast!

*The original recipe called for blue cheese which I substituted with goat cheese. I also added tomatoes before the step with the egg. 

Monday, June 25

This Weekend...

this weekend was for:
...wrapping and unwrapping presents...
...breakfast by the ocean....relaxing on the beach....ice cream...
....delicious dinners and late nights...

Friday, June 22

My Week in Snapshots

Wednesday, June 20

I ♥ Summer

Tuesday, June 19

Lunch: Delicious Tartines

* Hummus recipe found here

Monday, June 18

A Hike in the Mountains

Pictures from our beautiful hike this weekend. 
This little guy did 11 miles with us...give or take a couple that he demanded to be carried :)

Friday, June 15

My Week in Snapshots

Wednesday, June 6

The Little Things...

Delicious breakfasts...

Walks on the beach...

Finding new and delicious places to eat...

Cute, little streets...

Neon nail polish (From J.Crew in Neon Sunrise)...

Lace tops.

Tuesday, June 5

The Grand Canyon

For the second part of our trip, we drove towards the Grand Canyon.  As we began the climb into the mountains it was so refreshing to see beautiful, green grass and trees all around us. It was definitely a welcomed change after the dessert landscape we are used to seeing. I was especially excited to see all of the birch trees, they are still my favorite from my childhood in Russia. Seeing the Grand Canyon was an experience that is hard to describe with pictures or words! It should definitely be on everyone's bucket list!

Monday, June 4

Trip to Las Vegas

Last week my parents flew out to visit us and take us to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. We had a blast! It was my first time going to Vegas and it definitely exceeded my expectations.