Monday, October 29

Weekend pictures...

We spent the weekend trying to do "autumn" things.
Like apple picking at a ranch in the beautiful mountains.
The weather wasn't exactly what you would expect in October, but we still had an amazing day.
We also made Halloween costumes and had a blast celebrating a wonderful friend's birthday!

Friday, October 19

Recent Snapshots...

Wednesday, October 17


For me one of the best things about this time of year is baking all of the delicious fall desserts. Southern California may not have the crisp, cool October days or beautiful changing leaves, but baking with pumpkin or apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger still fills the house with that cozy autumn feeling. 
Recipe for the muffins can be found here*

* I added a dollop of cream cheese to each muffin before putting them in the oven and topped with a basic streusel recipe. (similar here)

Monday, October 15

Weekend Pictures...

Twenty five!

Fall birthdays are the best!

Time to make a wish!

Saturday morning in beautiful Laguna Beach.

Delicious birthday breakfast.

Sweetest husband ever!

I need a major diet after this weekend!

Can't forget our baby boy :)

He basically swallowed it whole!

So excited to try a new color! Royal Navy.

I love fall!

Friday, October 12


*Inspired by our first stormy day here in Southern California.

Wednesday, October 10

This Past Weekend...

Last weekend we planned a mini getaway into the mountains. It was just beginning to feel like fall there with a crisp, chilly wind that made us want to sit extra close to the fire. We roasted hot dogs, discovered an amazing new way to make s'mores, read, and just sat listening to the crackling was kind of perfect!