Monday, March 25

Weekend Photos: Spring Break

one of the perks of working as a teacher is getting to enjoy spring break
...and it is a much needed break this year!
this weekend felt like spring everywhere! long flowy dresses, blooming trees, side walks covered in fallen petals and ice cream (orange blossom and honey ice cream, my current obsession). 
unfortunately kevin doesn't have the same perks and will be working all week. so this break will be a slightly lonely one, consisting of spring cleaning, baking, reading, and laying out by the pool. 


  1. Girl!! I love your skirt! Where from?! Also, you should feel guilty about taunting me with your gorgeous weather :). Come dig us out of this endless winter :( Miss you lots too! xoxo

  2. You should leave all that snow and come visit us! :) It's actually a dress from Splendid, but I found it at Marshall's for $15! :):)

  3. I had spring break last week but in Kansas it snowed every day! AHH!! I completely want a new one like yours where I can wear skirts!

  4. wow sounds perfect!
    loving your photos as always:)