Tuesday, February 19

Weekend Pictures...

it was amazing to have a long, holiday weekend.
the weather was extra sunny and warm so we drove down and spent an afternoon at the beach.
there is nothing quite like seeing the sun set over the ocean.
the next day we drove in the opposite direction and hiked along the mountains.
it was a beautiful hike and after five miles it only seemed appropriate to reward ourselves with delicious, warm donuts :)


  1. You had a tasty weekend! I am so jealous that you can wear SHORTS right now! I am in sweats and a sweatshirt right now from the cold! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Looks like such a lovely weekend. The weather here has been all over the place and I am really missing the beach these days. Love seeing it through these photos. :)

  3. wow im totally jealous of the sun, and the fact that you're able to wear shorts! ah waiting impatiently for the warm weather in nyc! x

    & Pretty Things

  4. I am loving your watch!


  5. Such gorgeous photos! And I agree with Sam, I love that watch!! xo

  6. These are such beautiful photosAre those Krispie Kream donuts, I see? We don't have them around here anymore