Tuesday, January 22

A few weekend photos...

After enduring almost an entire week of a terrible flu, the weekend was a welcome relief. 
I was still not feeling at a hundred percent so we changed our plans and spent the days at home, venturing out only for a few short walks, dessert at a quiet, local restaurant, and the grocery store for supplies. 
Thinking of going to work this morning almost feels strange, having spent all week at home. Although I can't say that it won't feel good to get out of the house, I think cabin fever is beginning to creep in.  :)


  1. Glad your feeling better! Lovely photos!

  2. Oh my gosh the flu is the absolute worst! So glad that you are feeling better!

  3. very nice photos! it's so warm there:) in Prague it is very cold, i just envy:)

  4. I'm so sorry you got that horrid flu!! Everyone I know has had it. Glad you're feeling better though! Good luck at work! Miss you lots! xoxo