Monday, April 23

Weekend Recap

This weekend we had to escaped the crazy, hundred degree heat and drive down to Laguna Beach. Although the drive is only one hour it seemed like we were hundreds of miles from home, the scorching sun was replaced by a cool breeze and even a slightly chilly day. It was amazing to be able to eat outside and walk through the beautiful town. 


  1. great! here in Prague we have +13 and we are waiting for the better weather! nice photos, I really like your blog:)

  2. ranunculas are my favorite flower!! had them in my wedding :-) great photos. where do you live in the southern california area?? i'm up in the pasadena area and definitely driving to the coast for cooler temps is always necessary

    1. I live a little less than an hour east of Pasadena. I'm not a fan of the area, but we are here for school, my husband is in med school, so only two more years! But we love driving to Pasadena! If you have any recommendations on restaurants/cafes/things to do there, I would love to hear them!!!

  3. Your pictures look absolutely amazing! I definitely need an escape from the 100 degree weather of the AZ desert!

  4. 100 degrees sounds HOT! AN hours drive out of the city to some cooler weather sounds perfect though. In fact, I am feeling inspired to have my own little road trip now (the food in your pics looks delicioussss by the way)

    Anna xo

  5. Pretty flowers, pretty eats, and pretty Laguna. Its so nice there :) It seems like you had a great time :)

    ps. your hair is GORGEOUS!

  6. all such beautiful images!! love laguna beach! always so much fun!
    xo TJ